Sunday, November 20, 2011

Completely Irrelevant to the Topic of This Blog -- My Frustration With Women Today

Now, this post has nothing to do with the topic of this blog, which I have been using as somewhat of a journal, but I came across this passage online and I felt compelled to share it on my blog. More and more I see these ludicrous outcries from women crying out for equality without sacrificing anything and more and more, it is leading to my frustration. Had I started this blog sooner, I would have probably blogged extensively on my arguments / debates with my feminist socialist spanish teacher during the month of August. Boy, was that entertaining. Anyway, here is what I would like to share with you:

"Women back in the olden days had a different social status.

While they were not considered equals and expected to do what men told them (a shitty status to be sure) they did enjoy a certain special respect (at least in polite society) Men were supposed to take their hats off to a lady, open doors, and lay their coat over a mud puddle so she wouldn't get her feet wet. Men were expected to do the hard work and bring home the money. Women behaving badly were just understood to be "hysterical" or "emotional" and given a pass on a lot of stuff men would never be allowed to get away with. There were a lot of other things, both more fair and very unfair to women but you get the point.

But there was a women's rights movement where woman sought equal status with men. This to me seems pretty fair. A woman should have the same rights as a man, if she does the same job she should get the same pay. Women can be leaders, vote, etc,etc. This all seems just and fair and I'm pretty much on board here. Most women believe this too...

Trouble is, they want all the equality AND still want the special social status. And that just doesn't fly. It's all equality this and "I can do any job a man can do" that... but then when the shit hits the fan they'll still play the "I'm just a girl and I'm overwhelmed/tired/scared" card and expect the man to take care of business.

Or they come home after a hard day and bawl their eyes out because things are "hard". Well you wanted to be equal... guess what happens if a man did that every other day? She probably dumps him for being such a whiner. Men usually have the sense to know life is hard and to just STFU and deal with it in their own way though...

In all fairness too.. not all women are like that. But most of them are... and most is enough."

This man speaks the truth. Let me know what you guys think.

Also, since I have been inspired by a buddy of mine, I will be posting some of my favorite pics relevant to this topic of "woman logic." Hopefully they turn out alright / legible. If the pic is too small you can click on it to enlarge it. If that doesn't work "CTRL + Click" will open it up in a new window and you can enlarge the picture to read if need be. Here goes:

Priceless expression. Sometimes this is exactly how I feel.

This one is actually pretty relevant to the post above.

As is this one.

Pretty much what I want to say.

I will now proceed to post pictures that aren't necessarily 100% relevant to the above post, but definitely expose "woman logic" at its finest. I will begin with a picture that depicts the female mind.

Figure 1. The Female Mind

Some pretty interesting statistics.  The top  study on the top right proves that women are evil, jealous, and predatory creatures.

I know some girls will say, "ya, well I usually dress for other girls..not guys"
My response: "wtf. are you gay?"

So typical

Makes perfect sense!

I don't even know what to say to this one...

Nor this one...

Heed the warnings my mates...heed them...
Yet they want to be a modern woman.. "liberated" and able to make it in life on their own...

 The following are in no particular order, but I'm sure you guys can relate to most of these:

I know all you military guys can probably relate to this one. If this happens, make sure you teach her a lesson

And of course, a quote from my favorite comedian of all time:

"Oh uh-uh, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Just because I'm dressed this way does not make me a whore!" Which is true. Gentlemen, that is true. Just because they dress a certain way doesn't mean they are a certain way. Don't ever forget it. But ladies, you must understand that is fucking confusing. It just is. Now that would be like me, Dave Chappelle, the comedian, walking down the street in a cop uniform. Somebody might run up on me, saying, "Oh, thank God. Officer, help us! Come on. They're over here. Help us!" "Oh-hoh! Just because I'm dressed this way does not make me a police officer!" See what I mean? All right, ladies, fine. You are not a whore. But you are wearing a whore's uniform." - Dave Chappelle

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