Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I must say, having the freedom to pick my classes and choose whether or not to attend them is pretty awesome. No more formations, no more mandatory meals, no more inspections. Sweet. I feel like my time in Spain is dwindling rapidly and I can't get over this feeling that if I'm not having an EPIC time every night, I'm wasting my time. I wish I had more time in Spain to truly enjoy all it has to offer. But I guess instead of crying about it, I should go out there and enjoy as much of it as I can. Live it up! Currently trying to get tickets to 'Sensation White' in Barcelona on the 8th of October and set up a trip to Ibiza the week before! Hopefully everything works out. The tickets to sensation are sold out, so I'll need to find a way to scalp some tickets somehow..we'll see how that turns out..

On another note, the guy:girl ratio at my school is pretty damn amazing. Apart from the fact that 99% of the students are American, it's pretty nice if you're a guy. Although.... I did envision a more "international" school rather than a little island of Americans in the heart of Granada. It kind of pisses me off to know that I traveled halfway across the globe to meet people from California. wtf. Everyone seems to be from either one of two programs; I forget what they're called, but one is the Cal State program and the other is some collection of random colleges in the Pacific Northwest. With that being said, everyone knows each other and it's a little awkward to make new friends, since most of them aren't really looking to meet new people. I feel if the school were more "international" with less study-abroad program dumps, it would be exponentially easier to befriend other foreign solo students looking to make their way in Granada. Like me. Apparently the University of Granada is the most popular destination for ERASMUS students, but I've only met 1 girl from Austria, 1 girl from Australia, and another from Germany. Everyone else is American.

But, going back to my original  point, at least they're all girls. I've actually been hopping around from class to class asking the administration to switch me so I could be shuffled into a class with a lot of hot girls haha. Seems to have worked so far. I've been through four classes and I think there were only about 6 guys total...awesome. Anyway, there's this really hot leggy girl in my new class, but she's pretty quiet. She has this random brace on her knee. I wonder wtf happened. When I asked her, she laughed and said it was a "long story." Now that it's hyped up, it better not suck massive ass when I get to hear the story. The reason I mention this particular person, apart from her undeniable attractiveness, is because over the weekend, she and her Italian friends apparently had this cross-dressing party. SO...

2_if that's her thing, she sounds interesting
3_Italians? ERASMUS? I want to meet more europeans..
4_must befriend her

Unbeknownst to me, I randomly ran into one of her best friends while walking to class yesterday and we subsequently sat next to each other since we arrived at the same time. I had no idea she could speak English and honestly thought she was one of hot leggy girl's Italian friends so I was quite surprised when she started talking to me in English. After four hours of dreadful class, hot leggy girl + friend stayed behind with me to talk about God knows what.. Now that I think about it, I honestly can't remember what we were talking about. Hmm. But, by the end of it, friend of hot leggy girl randomly gave me her number without me even asking. Well, that was pretty forward, but hey, lucky me I guess. Conversation dragged along after she dropped her number in my phone and really, all I wanted to do was gtfo, but I felt like it would have been pretty bad to just leave....I guess it would've been pretty funny though. Anyway, friend of hot leggy girl's number secured. Cool. I'll see how this turns out... :)

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