Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Sad Saturday

Wow. Where do I even begin? A lot has happened since Wednesday, but I don't want this post to be pages long, so I'll just give a brief rundown of what has been goin on.

First off, I am now alone in my homestay. The two Norwegian girls left this morning :( and then the Polish chick left shortly after :( What was once a fun party in the household with me + 3 other girls has turned into a solemn reminder that I am here alone in a different country. Noooo. I really miss those girls now. Sigh. Oh well.

Since the girls had to be in the house at 11 because of the curfew set by their program, we just waited until 12:00 to sneak out. The plan was to meet up with my buddy at Granada10 for free drinks, but their curfew foiled our plans, so we just went to a Chupiteria (bar w/ mixed shots only) instead. After the Chupiteria, we decided to go check out a new place called Kapital in Granada for an ERASMUS party, but the place was dead so we decided to stick to our original plan and head over to Granada10 for ladies' night. I was on the guest list, but apparently I was supposed to come before 12, so I ended up having to pay the cover fee. When we arrived at around 1:30, the place was starting to fill up; we skipped the bar and headed straight to the dance floor until the girls went to go grab another drink and take a little break.

The ERASMUS party was supposed to be at Kapital, but there were more europeans here than there were PEOPLE at Kapital. Met some awesome German, Belgian, Polish, French, and Lithuanian girls that night and was kicking it with them while the Norwegian girls did their thing. I occasionally met up with the Norwegians to see how they were doing throughout the night and every time I saw them they were more and more drunk because of all the free drinks they kept on receiving haha. By the end of the night, we were up on one of the stages dancing away with me in between both of them and the spotlight on us (awesome). Through the course of the night, the shorter blonde girl apparently hit it off with this random guy and when the club was about to close, the taller girl grabbed me to go save the shorter one.

We found her sitting on a couch with the guy and when we told her that we had to go, the shorter girl wasn't too happy. She said she'd meet us outside so I said alright, but her friend insisted on staying until she left, so the shorter girl got mad, but finally left with us. It was about 6AM when we left the club and the shorter one was all pouty because we made her leave so abruptly, but during the 20 minute walk back home, I managed to brighten her up by cracking jokes here and there. Eventually, everyone's attention was drawn to these two guys from the club who seemed to be following us, but it just turned out that they lived right by us. We ran into them as we looped around to get some food and they joined us. Unfortunately, the kebab place closeby was closed, so we resorted to scrounging around the overpriced 24 hour shop for some food. I picked up a coke and the girls got themselves some packaged sandwiches that looked awful, but I guess they were really hungry. It was so cute haha.

We finally got back in the house around 7AM and stayed up for breakfast. During breakfast it was really amusing to watch the two hungover/half-dead Norwegian girls try to eat. The best part was knowing that I could sleep after breakfast while the girls were at class haha. I never asked them how class went that day, but I'm sure it couldn't have been fun. Overall: Epic Night once again.

I had plans to go out, but I was still recovering from a couple hours ago, so I slept right through my plans. Fail.

No!! All the girls' last night in Spain! :(

I had some business to take care of after class in booking my trip to the Canary Islands this upcoming Friday, so I headed over to my buddy's house for about an hour and a half to iron things out. It was a pretty big waste of time imo, because most of it was spent waiting for other people to arrive with their information (passport number, etc.) so that we could book the trip. Apparently, I was sent a message on FB to bring 47euros for a bus ticket, but I never got it, so I felt really bad for not being able to pay this random girl for the bus ticket she got me. Hmm. They were still lolligagging after an hour and a half, so I just got up and left because I was really hungry and dinner was probably waiting for me back at my place.

I took this weird route home and it was so interesting because I got to see another side of Granada that I had never seen before. It felt really alive and vibrant in this side of town with lots of boutique shops and cafes filled with locals enjoying their "dinner" at 9:30PM. The streets were filled with people doing whatever they do here in Spain...come to think of it, I actually have no idea why there are always so many people out in the streets late at night. But it always looks like everyone is on a mission to do something. No one is ever just strolling along the streets. Hmm.

I finally got back to my apartment and indeed, dinner was waiting for me. None of the girls were home yet, so after I finished dinner I went to go lay down on my bed and for some reason I instantly fell asleep. I was woken up at around 11:30 by the two Norwegians (+1) who were excited as ever to go out. They asked if I was going to go out that night so I responded to their stupid question with an "are you serious?" look. They had brought with them another Norwegian friend of theirs from their program and told me that she was going to be coming out with us that night. Triple Awesome. But first, they had to go back to their friend's house to drop her off in time for the curfew and sneak out later. I figured that would take some time so I went back to sleep. I don't know why I was so tired that night, but I just couldn't stay awake!

Anyway, I got woken up again at around 12:30 and we headed out for the same chupiteria at around 1. On Wednesday, everyone had 3 quick shots and got out of there, but tonight was different. Tonight was the last night for "dese guhls" I don't know what got into the them, but they just didn't stop ordering shots haha. Each one of them took 8 wonderfully delicious "cocktail shots" or chupitos. After about 30 minutes and thoroughly inebriated, we headed out to the best club in town, Mae West. We had no trouble getting in and once we did, the party was on! The girls had to be back in the house by 5 to pack up, eat breakfast, and walk to the bus station by 7, so time was of the essence! I guess they figured the same because once we got in the club, they completely went nuts! I thought they were crazy on Wednesday night, but they completely blew me away on Friday. I didn't know they had it in them haha.

A bit after we got in the club, the taller blonde girl said she was tired, so she got 2 vodka/red bulls and downed them -_- omg. After about an hour she was completely gone. I talked to some local spaniards about it and they said 8 shots isn't a lot, but I thought it was and I don't know of any girls that can take 8 shots straight up. So after those 8 and 2 more glasses, I totally expected the tall blonde chick to pass out. Miraculously, she was still walking on her own and dancing her ass off haha what a champ. Around 4 however, she headed over to the bathroom with her friend saying she wasn't feeling well. A couple minutes later, her friend came back, pushing and shoving her way through the crowded club to come get me. She had a look of horror on her face and was freaking out. She told me I had to come help her friend immediately, so I was freaking out myself, assuming the worst. I thought she had fallen over and hit her head or had gotten abducted by some creepy guys.

Before I even got the chance to stop her and ask what was going on, I got dragged into the bathroom...

(and had hot steamy obnoxiously loud sex in one of the stalls. haha jk.)

and laughed my ass off when I saw the tall blonde chick yakking. I looked at her friend and said, "that's it?! that was the emergency?! omg. -___- " But all was well because it was just so funny / cute watching this girl freak out over her friend throwing up thinking she was going to die. hahahaha. Oh man, gotta love teens :) We decided it was probably a good idea to head back to the house, so we rounded up the other girl and took her back to her place and began the trek back to our own. Three horribly drunk girls: one barely able to walk, one FREAKING OUT, one skipping around everywhere. and me. It must have been quite a sight to the observer.

When we finally got back to our place, I did the usual to nurse up the tall blonde who was on the verge of passing out. All the while, her friend was clinging to my arm with these puppy eyes asking if she was going to be okay. It was adorable and hilarious at the same time. I don't know if it was an act or if she genuinely didn't know, but I will never forget her freaking out and worrying so much about her friend. It was quite precious. Since dah guhls had already packed their bags and we had gotten back from the club a bit early, I figured the taller blonde could use some much needed sleep for the remaining hour or so they had left. So, I tucked her in and she instantly fell asleep haha. Then it was just me and her friend.

(Will continue later)


  1. I was out last night partying too. Had a lot of fun. With 2 girls too, girls are much more fun than guys, at least the friends I have.

  2. I've had this problem before too, mate, seperate out the lines more when the post gets long, it's easier to follow and if you lose the sentence you were reading it's way faster to find, you don't have to get frustrated and start over a little back or quit.

  3. A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

  4. lol fuck the jokes next time. Just smack the bitch if she gets pouty. :D

  5. (Sucks those women left!!) Hey guys, im back, sorry for the absence from commenting and doin' our thing, my pc is now set up from my move :D

  6. 2shay sounds like he has a solid method with the ladies :)