Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Wednesday, baby.

Time: 0400 21 September 2011. Can't sleep, so  I'll write another post.

On Saturday, two Norwegian chicks moved in with me in the homestay. Both blonde, one short, one tall. They seemed a bit shy when I first met them, but the other night they came into my room and asked me to take them out! Haha...awesome. Unfortunately, they're only staying for one week, but that just makes them want to go even crazier when they go out. As always, Wednesday is "Ladies Night" at Granada10 with an open bar until 12:30, so that's where we'll be headed tonight. Hopefully along the way, we'll stop by some tapas bars and meet some more people!

Haven't had the time to fill you guys in about the weekend, so I'll start with Friday. When I got back from class on Friday, the other girl living with me from Poland (I live with 3 other girls now) asked me if I wanted to join her friends and go out tonight. Well, I didn't have any other plans, so, "hell, why not?" I thought. She then asked if I was okay with the fact that her group consisted entirely of girls. No. No, polish girl, I am not okay with the fact that I will be going out with 6 girls tonight. Never! (They ended up bringing this random guy from Sweden, so it wasn't really just 6 girls, unfortunately.) So we started off the night by heading over to a Chupiteria called "69." A chupiteria is a place where they sell shots and this particular one had over 100 combinations of shots with interesting names for their mixes like: Amazoness, Pussy, Clit, Fire, The Destroyer, etc. best of all? Each shot was just 1 Euro. After taking about 4 shots, we decided to head out and wander around for a bit. Somewhere along the way, we got caught by a couple of promoters for this bar real close by and they gave us a little ticket for  BOGO drinks. We couldn't turn the offer down, so we headed over to a place called Teatro Neptuno, which was surprisingly a really nice bar / lounge. Turns out it's just around the corner from where I live and I never even knew it existed! Got myself the usual mojito and a gin and tonic as my free drink. There were some really drunk Spaniards at the bar creepin on the girls in our group, so we decided to head out to the club, Mae West.

Now, I had heard from many of the locals that Mae West was THE best club in Granada, but I was a little skeptical because:
1_it is located inside of a mall
2_I had passed by it and it didn't look too appealing from outside
3_I live right next to it in a somewhat residential neighborhood

With that in mind, we headed up to the top floor of the mall and walked through an outdoor lounge that was connected to the club. When we got to the entrance, we had to pay a 10 Euro cover fee, which I thought was completely ridiculous, but at least it was better than Kapital in Madrid which cost 20. Dear God. Anyway, up until this point I was pretty skeptical about the club, but as soon as the doors opened, I was blasted with the orgasmic soundwaves of heavy house, chilled out trance, and greeted with the wonderful sight of girls in skimpy dresses. :queue heavenly choir: I thought to myself, "damn...tonight's going to be a good night." And indeed it was. We danced our faces off for a couple hours until we decided we should probably take a break and head over to the bar. On my way, I was ambushed by this blonde girl in my class who had this "SAVE ME!!!" look on her face, which subsequently made me laugh. I took the queue and grabbed her away from some random guy and asked what was up. She said she had a new appreciation for American guys and thanked me for saving her from this guy who was apparently feeling her up in all the wrong places hahaha. Her comment actually made no sense though because after a couple minutes we were just like any other Americans in the club, grinding away and drawing dirty looks from all the local Spaniards in the vicinity. The facial expressions riddled with disgust on all the Spanish girls were classic. While we were getting down, we kept crashing into this group of locals who were clearly irritated, but they were just standing there like furniture, so I figured we had the right of way since we were actually dancing on the dance floor. To make matters worse, we photobombed a couple of their pictures haha. Awesome time. After a while things were getting a little dull, so we each went our separate ways to find our friends. The european girls I came with were still at the bar, apparently "looking" for me. Half of the group wanted to go out back onto the dance floor, but the other half was just sitting there. The polish chick was noticeably wasted, so I suggested to take her back home since it didn't look like she was going to make it very far on her own. Not wanting to split the group up, the other girls decided to leave with us as well. How boring of them.

Anyway, it was then that I realized at 5AM how FAMISHED I was. Holy hell! I needed.... a KEBAB. Luckily for us, there was a kebab place literally right outside the club that was still open! Awesome! After a great night, finishing it off with a fat juicy kebab was heavenly. I was enlightened. Mae West is indeed THE BEST club in Granada.

 At about 5:30AM we made our way back home and as we were leaving the club, local Spaniards were still ARRIVING. There was even a queue outside the club! WTF! +1 to Spaniards. They party hard.

"Johnny, la gente esta muy loca!"


  1. Haha, great night! The southern european culture about going out at 12-3am is really cool! And Kebab at night… nothing describes it

  2. sounds like an awesome night ;D

  3. I wish I had this happen to me too :)
    Well I will just have to approach them womens if they don't come themselves.

  4. hey man sorry to drop this on your article (dont worry i read them all! :P) i was wondering if you could give me some input on my blog??

  5. Spain seems awesome! Followed for more epic stories

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  7. Sounds like a great time! I would have loved to be in your shoes that night!

  8. La gente está muy loca!!!!
    Good song,

    PArty Time
    nice blog.

  9. Why can't shit like this happen to me?