Sunday, September 18, 2011


First off, I'm not sure how to change the time zone on this blog, so all my posts are confusing me because I'm writing them at weird times during the night/early morning and it keeps getting published as a completely different day because I'm GMT +1. Hmm.

Anyway, today is Saturday, September 17, 2011. Man, oh man. A lot of developments over the past couple days. First off, turns out hot leggy girl has a boyfriend. bummer. But I respect that, so I guess we'll just be friends. I just think that homewrecking someone is one of the most fucked up things to do. I mean, you've really got to have no moral compass if your goal is to go after someone who is already taken. There are plenty of other girls out there! I could care less for the girl, but just knowing the damage I could do to the guy on the other side is just too fucked up. Especially since he has done nothing wrong except have his girlfriend at the wrong place at the wrong time. Carrying on.

From now on, hot leggy girl will be known as Jane and hot leggy girl's friend will be known as Lisa. (I have no idea where those names came from--just the first two that popped up in my head) Well, got with Lisa and asked Jane to come out clubbing with my bud on Wednesday night. Was genuinely interested in meeting her ERASMUS friends, so I asked her to bring em all too. Later that night, my bud and I met up with Lisa, but Jane and the ERASMUS crew were already at some bar. I don't know what my bud texted Jane, but I guess he dropped the ball on that one since apparently she was doing her own thing -_- Anyway, we headed over to the club Granada Diez for some free drinks since it was Ladies Night + free drinks till 12:30. I wasn't on the guest list, but the chick working the counter just let me in for free haha...lucky me. We get in, and there is a MASSIVE line at the bar. Well, I'm thirsty as hell so I take Lisa and just barge through to the front where I see this pretty attractive bartender obviously hating her life atm. There are about 10 glasses lined up and she's pouring out tinto de verano. What a BS drink...but least it's free. Grab two, hand one over, and down my own. If you don't know what tinto de verano is, it's pretty much "wine of the summer," and it's a drink pretty similar to Sangria popular in Spain. Well, tasted like juice, but it was cold and somewhat quenched my thirst. I wanted to go grab another one, but Lisa had barely even taken a sip of hers, so I just stayed put and made small talk with her while checking out the club. Finally, she finished her drink and we decided to gtfo to meet up with Jane and her ERASMUS friends. Oh, I forgot to add that I lost my other friend the second we entered the he is no longer a part of this picture...we'll call him Steve. We step outside the club and meet up with Jane, who was dressed pretty conservatively, which I respected since all the other girls were wearing skirts barely bigger than their belts, and dresses that could double as tops. Anyway, I finally got to meet some non-Americans! There was a German dude, Polish dude, a platinum blonde/blue eyed Danish chick, and ...I forgot, but there were more. As soon as the German dude introduced himself Jane and Lisa exclaimed, "oh ya! he's german!" and looked towards me. I remembered earlier that I told them I took a year of German and that I loved Germany and would love to visit some day. The German guy was obviously pretty happy to hear that I loved Germany so we were talking for a bit until some chick from Tulane barged in out of nowhere and told us about her adventures with these Austrian chicks. I didn't mind since that opened us up to another new group of Americans that were just standing outside. They introduced themselves, but I completely forgot their names because, well, I don't think any of them were attractive. If they were I probably would have remembered. What was surprising though, was that one of the asian girls in the new group we had just befriended was from Huntington Beach and she asked which high school I went to. I told her, and she surprisingly knew someone from my HS and asked if I knew her as well. Well, my class only had ~160 people so no shit I knew who she was talking about. Small world. My story sounds boring because the conversation with those Americans was boring and I was pretty aloof the whole time, not really paying attention to what they were saying. It was getting old, so I did a 180 and turned back towards the Europeans, who were actually about to head back home to rest up for the big ERASMUS party at another club the next night. Lisa and I tried to convince the whole group to stay to get more drinks, but they had just come from a bar so no one was really interested except the German and Polish guys. But, they already had plans to buy a beer and go up to some viewpoint to have some gex time and enjoy the view of the Alhambra somewhere. Not really what we had in mind, so Lisa, Jane, and Lisa's roommate, who I forgot to introduce, decided to head over to the bar next door. The drinks were pretty expensive for Granada at 5Euros each, but they came with a massive plate of tapas, so I couldn't really complain. Got myself a gin and tonic and Jane was pretty excited because she said that was her favorite drink haha. Don't know why she herself didn't get it, but she just ordered water. Lisa's roommate, some crazy French guy with a lazy eye got the most insane Mojito I  had ever seen and it took like 20 minutes to come out so he wasn't happy about that, but it looked awesome haha. Lisa ordered LOL and made all the guys look like bitches, but oh well haha. Anyway, was gettin really good vibes from both Lisa and Jane throughout the whole night so I was feelin pretty good. Lisa was all touchy feely the whole night too so that was a plus. After we finished up with our drinks, we headed back into the club at around 1:30 and it was starting to get packed, but we made our way to the dance floor. Out of nowhere, Steve appeared with these 3 hideous mexican chicks and I laughed my fuckin ass off while I broke the news about Jane having a boyfriend. He just said "FUCK IT!" and went on lol. So there I was with Lisa and Jane, but mostly with Jane for reasons I cannot all. Lisa was the one that was all touchy the whole night, but as soon as we got on the dance floor she kept keeping her distance from me, strategically positioning Jane in between us two. When I'd go up to her to tell her something, she'd sneakily dance away to the other side after I was done saying something. I know I don't dance that horribly -_- but who gives a shit lol Jane is by far the hotter one. Forgot around what time, but after a while we needed a break so we went out into the lounge area. After some chit chat, Jane and Lisa took off, but I wanted to stay so it was just me and the French guy left to conquer the dance floor. I randomly befriended this dude who happened to be a bartender on his break and he said that he'd hook me up with free drinks if I came back when he was working. I think his name was Jose, but I'm not sure. It sounds too Mexican. Alex went to go do his own thing and I couldn't find him so I was flying solo now. Luckily, I caught a group of girls not dancing with anyone but themselves so I just joined them and hung out with them the rest of the night. Pretty nice girls, but it was too loud to get any real conversations going, so there wasn't any deep connection. Around 4, I decided it was probably a good time to take off. Overall, pretty awesome night on Wednesday and to make things better, Granada had a random local holiday, so there was no class on Thursday. Ha. Gotta love Spain..


  1. wow Spain sounds awesome. The people there seem so friendly, especially since you keep finding friends to give you free drinks. I really respect your decision to stop pursuing Jane. Some guys are just assholes and chase after whoever the fuck they want. It's nice to know that there are still some decent guys out there.

  2. I need to get my butt to Spain! Sounds like you are having a blast!